alright, I’ll post something here. It’s gonna be quick though.

This here is the tail end of my work day. I’m am due for bed in about an hour. It’s been a horrendous day. I’ve been tempermental and even snapped at a few people today. A coworker in front of a lot of other coworkers. I treated my patients well, I always treat them well. I’m not sure I should be embarassed or not. I could also tell I was on edge on the drive home when I wanted to throw a fit at every red light I hit . . .

If I am feeling this way tomorrow, I will be calling in lest I lost my temper and ruin a lot of what is going right for me.

Oddly enough, they offered me forty hours back. With no hesitation I said, “yes”. Why? Especially given my abundance of free time was to be a boon to my art career. This last week has demonstrated to me that if I let things go I will waste that free time and not at all use it responsibly. Video games, pizza, and beer; god damn it. I already don’t earn what I think I’m worth, I don’t need to add fuel to my burning insecurities.

I’m not advertising this post. Had I my way I wouldn’t let a one of you read it. It’s full of vitriol and hostility. Traits I don’t care for and don’t want to share. If you should stumble upon this post anyhow, please don’t think too harshly of me.

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