Lost in Work

Hrm, sit to write and lose all ideas to write about. Guess I have to earn it. Today’s post will be short and sweet. Not a whole lot has changed since last post.

You know how I was supposed to work on the design of the book? I didn’t, I worked on art instead. I have eight or nine pictures I’m working on for The Strangest Thing that, in all honesty, can wait. But they won’t. I am a man who’s caprice is deeply engrained. On the plus side, that impulsiveness does lend itself to the quality of the art.

What I have been working on for More Different is the poems. Good lord, over the past two weeks, from wake to sleep, I have been sneaking into my little poetry notebook and writing a line or two here and rhyme or two there. I admit that my poetry prowess feels unsure. One should also account for how impossibly high I hold the achievement bar. Those considerations out there, know I’m putting my heart in.

The poems themselves are good. I’ve worked hard and remain working hard on them. Roughly a dozen revisions for each one. Some are beyond done and there’s a couple that are like hangnails; careful with how I treat them otherwise they’ll catch and hurt. In a nutshell, all are progressing nicely. I am elated and proud.

Book design mentioned, it would behoove me to get started on that. On the art side, I can think of one picture that could use some touching up, a couple of hours. On the poetry side, they’re all simmering and the flavor is near piquing. Better have that book layout ready so that I can just plug everything in seamlessly and be done with it. Really, the hardest part of getting that layout done is familiarizing myself with the program.

As to other facets of life, really, nothing is going on. I am losing myself in work, both formal and artistic. Any other issues are quiet or stable, in various forms of good and bad. I don’t mean to gloss over it, but is it worth bringing up anymore? Lord, I’ve said basically the same thing for three weeks now. Beating that dead horse isn’t doing any of us much good.

Alright, enough writing. Not so short, i hope the sweetness comes through. I need to run and release a picture before work so that’s what I’m up to after this. Til next time.

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