Here I sit at my dealership waiting for the oil change on the car. A TV playing naught but commercials, no reading material, no WiFi, and this phone is dangerously close to going over the data limit, as far as entertainment is concerned, I am cornered. How best to stave off boredom? Now’s probably a good time to revisit the blog.

The book is as I left it, finished and raring to go; me, a little less so. I promise to have it available well before Christmas. The latter half of October is a conservative estimate.

Work is work, school is school. I enjoy my coworkers and classmates very much, and they return the affection. There are times when the job or the learnin’ feels like a distraction. A necessity monetarily, but I hold no particular loyalty or love for the menial tasks. There are times when I resent those tasks for keeping me from doing what I want to do. When I think about it, sounds like normal fare for today’s American worker.

My social life is miniscule. I enjoy time with friends, I really do, but you’ll find me attracted to alone-time the way dieters are attracted to sweets; I can’t quite get enough. I love the quiet and peace of mind as I pursue arts, crafts, whatever my fancy . . . So good . . . However, concerns over promotion does worry. Schmoozing with new people in a paletteble fashion sure would . . .

You know what? A lot of this is nonsensical fretting.

Life has been feeling down this past couple of weeks. A favored grand parent passed not long ago. My personal favorite because when I tally bugaboos, both mine and other family members’, he lived most admirably. Funny, caring, lots of civil services and volunteer work, a social darling of the community and respected father in the family, a great many of us readily offered fond memories about the man. He lived well and left us all with a lot to miss.

Ultimately, there is still a pall

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