4/5: Reboot

I worked yesterday. Among other things, on the book and other responsible adventures. However, I also had to go into work yesterday and work. The bossed called me a half hour after I was supposed to show up and nonchalantly asked, “So, you gonna show up for work today?”

My response was that of confusion, “What do you mean? Today is day four of my long weekend.”

Her retort was bemused, “When you filled out the paperwork for days off, you failed to request the eleventh off. I thought it was weird, but figured you knew what you were doing.”

“That was your first mistake.”

I made it in an hour late and worked an honest shift. Yeah, this was all just after I had finished a large topping laden pizza. My distended belly and logey mind punishing me for my gluttony.  There’s humor in there somewhere; I’ll be sure to share it when I find it.

Thus, today will be day four of my long weekend. I’m gonna pretend yesterday didn’t happen and try again. ‘Tween you and me, the cookies and coke I’m having for breakfast is overcompensation.

Besides being silly in a blog post, what the heck am I to do with myself today? Yesterday I became strangely obsessed with procrastinating on writing the poetry. How did I procrastinate? By posing and creating new compositions, by eyeballing my website and setting into motion ways to improve it , by getting a blank template ready for “More Different”. All very good distractions, as far as distractions go.

Be that as it may, I got me some writing to do today. I’ll get on it after posting this sucka . . . And maybe after I play with some code to enhance the gallery viewing for my website. Then, then I’ll kill it at poetry.

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