Relaxing is now taking on hurried overtones. When I get home I rush through the shower, even though the temptation to use all the hot water is there. I chug my beer. It’s just one beer but I get it down in about ten minutes. I surf for another ten minutes, and hurriedly so. Then I’m on here. I suspect this all has to do with the fast pace and stressed atmosphere of work. Maybe; maybe not.

Work was hectic today. I kept it together and felt alright about it. I enjoy the pace. I don’t get time to watch the clock and sigh longingly. That’s a painful procedure. Nope, I run around and try to do more than I can in a tiny tiny time frame. I feel like I’m a ballerina in a phone booth; confined. I’m still learning and I’m still working. There’s lots of room for me to maneuver in when it comes to errors, which I do. I hope it’s not often enough that my boss’ collective eye rolls could mean something.

Gladis’s car broke down on her today. The battery in the car was ok. the Keychain, however, was out. There was no starting the car, only the alarm on the god damned thing flashing lights and honking. after about fifteen minutes. I told her to get in, I’ll take her home. Gladis is a 45 year old Spanish lady with a thick thick accent. There will be no fucking or romance here. Still, I heart her. I feel a weird connection to her. Again, no romance, but there’s a fondness and familiarity there that makes me feel safe. I drove her home. I’ll prolly be driving her to work and back home again. She’ll need to think of something to do with her jalopy of a car.

Kara’s neat, but she’s a little harder to find tonight. She did her job and well, so I can’t complain. I seem to bounce between skepticism and gratitude for her help or lack thereof. She’s taking care of things and doing well with it. If it’s really well and I hardly see her, then I guess that’s a damned good thing

Me. I’m getting better and still learning. I feel as though I fuck up more than I should. There’s still tons to learn. But what I do have down, I seem to have down well. A number of people have complimented e on my bedside manner. I hope that charm doesn’t compromise my work. Ah well, I’m learning. I get a pas.

Alright, I’ve hurried my butt through this entry. Now I’m gonna surf a littl emore and crash into bed.


Laura, if you find this. I still love you. Be proud.

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