The normal time for writing this blog is about Wednesday of any given week, plus or minus a day. It’s a tick past midnight on Saturday which means I’m late. My work schedule being wonky this past month combined with time allotment to the girlfriend means I will have to get to this blog when I can. And I can, meet me half way with a little patience, I fully intend to do this once a week, at least.

So, book things. I’ve laid out a very ambitious plan, that one percent inspiration needs to be met with ninety-nine percent perspiration. That ninety-nine percent begins tonight. Well, to be fair, it began last week, it just feels like we’re beginning tonight. I’ve lent my thoughts to what needs doing, made a few mental lists, and tackled chores more efficiently all in an effort to bring the dream to reality.

Yet again, I will update my website accordingly. Upon completion, visitors will notice a more robust book section with five titles. As time goes on, I will release books page by page depending on whichever book catches my fancy. This will drum up hits to my little corner of the net at the same time building the audience. Can it be done? Who knows. Let’s try and see. I’m feeling optimistic, myself.

Today will be me puttering around with the website then artwork. Nothing too complex, just enough to get me into trouble. Somewhere in the breaks taken throughout the day I will get behind the scenes things ready for implementation. Today counts as a full fledged work day. To be honest, I’ll feel much better at the end of the day than I do now. The work load is pretty intimidating. After putting in a good day, though, things will size down into manageable hunks and my confidence will be grown by increments.

All of it is not to different from diet or exercise, small changes to life bring wanted results over time. Thus, small changes are being made and preparations are being considered. Overtime, desired results will become more and more evident. In case you can’t tell, admittedly I’m a little nervous. Right now, the best I can give you is a brave face and wry smile. Let’s put me to work, vindication comes later.

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