Square 1

Ever return to square one? How about for the forty-seventh time?

It kinda feels like what I’m doing now. I’m doing art again. Gonna do poetry again. Going to finish that second book… Again. This is how far I’ve traveled since last I scribbled something down here. It’s arguable whether or not the journey was long or fraught. Worth is also questionable. Regardless, here I am.

You don’t have to look far into my past to see how confused and disoriented I can get. I have plenty of goals and attempted goals documented around the internets. Going back some sixteen years. As you can imagine, that afore mentioned disorientation and confusion gets amplified.

I suppose that all has to do with this fancy age of computers we live in. One gets to say things. Statements where there’s no taking back. Meticulously documented lives. Yep, food for thought.

So, yeah, art. I do that. And since it’s been painfully long, I am quite rusty. Be that as it may, I’m banging off the rust and oiling up the gears. The machinery I use is dated, but faithful. I expect it to be at full chug in no time. Along with few pieces further in art. In life.

No dates or anything on when things will be rustled up. No promises either. I’ve broken enough of those. I’ll tell you what I’ve got, instead.

http://www.stevetlaws.art is back up again. Further updates to be applied. My facebook and twitter are also restored. Lord knows whether or not I’ll update those regularly. I have an abiding hatred of social media. We’ll see. My priority list has me writing poetry, and because I’m a neophyte, studying it too. Hunting for a few shows to display my art would help me. That’s also on the list.

I’ve been doing well at it thus far in the restart. The only real conflict from it all coming from regular work. I use the word “conflict” lightly. I need regular work though.

Speaking of, work needs doing. I’m off to get dressed and off again to succeed in life… You know, somehow.

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