Commission: Brontosaurus

I’m not even a couple months into trying to build all this art business back up. Already my mind is dangling hopes and ambitions just outside my periphery.  I’ll make money and get some fame and so forth. This’s all gonna be so easy. I can do this. It’ll be sweet. And you know, it is. Easy street is right around the corner.

Here’s the “but”; BUT I have plenty of challenges in front of me. I’m not far from where I left off when I pressed the pause button on the old art career. Fortunately art skills are still intact, just need to flex em a bit. Not so fortunately, the obstacles remain. The challenges are there no matter what level of proficiency I attain. No matter what role I take; art entrepreneur, go back to school get a new career, become a hobo and travel the land, challenges are gonna be there no matter where I go or what I do. So, guess I’d better get better and handling those pesky problems.

Among them problems: marketing.

Marketing is a necessity. Nobody can decide if they like you or not if they never know about you. And if no one knows about me, how am I supposed to build clients or an audience? Not just art but any business.

I, and I think you’ll find this among a great many artists, stink at marketing. Too much time spent alone in the studio tickling muses has neglected wants to whore myself for attention. Not even whore, but to sheepishly ask others to acknowledge my existance. I’ve gotten awfully comfy flying under the radar. Now marketing comes along and murders that comfort zone. Completely annihilates it.

Onus back on me. If I want out of my current situation on through to where I wanna go, there’s no tiptoeing around it. I’m just gonna have to meet the challenge head on.

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