A Little More Out There



Art wise, I feel strong, buff even. I’ve been doing a lot of portraiture exercise in an effort to get them artistic muscles bulging. Alongside the calisthenics of cartooning and rendering, I’ve come a long ways in a few short weeks. Once I finish all these commissions, the next step will be onto drafting watercolor compositions for the book. A few more weeks, and we’re there. I’m excited for that step.

There are so many ways to promote oneself. So many ways to tell the world you exist and you’d like to participate. All we need to do is pick one. Occasionally, one is chosen for us. Whichever the case may be, especially in this day and age, the option to hole away and do nothing is . . . well, it’s no good.

At least this is the speech I give myself when confronted with the task.

Quiet is nice. There is something to be said for being left alone to explore peace and enhance peace of mind. Too much, though, too much is selfish. Personally, a  little more selflessness in my character portfolio would do us good.

I’m prone to complain about the act altogether; promotion, that is. Really, its not at all the act that’s the problem. Be it habit or personal preference, my comfort zone is in the quiet. The time is nigh to challenge that comfort zone and try to build a business. After all, marketing is like veggies or exercise, after a person gets past that initial distaste, health happens.

I’m still in that initial phases, good news is I’m sticking with it and looking for a venue that works. So far, I’m only using social media. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine medium and a good way to reach anyone in the world in a snap. The drawbacks are in getting heard above the cacophony of spammers, bots, pro advertisers and amateurs alike. In full disclosure, there are better ways and I’ve been neglecting them. A little more time, I’ll get there.

Practical nuances glossed over, the whole thought behind this post: be more outgoing.

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