A Nice Balance

A twelve hour day yesterday. I went to bed tired and I woke up tired. Today, the same thing. I have twelve hours ahead of me and it’s gonna be that way six days a week. At least for the foreseeable future. I wonder how long before I acclimate. I look forward to it.

Being time deprived is a weird thing. On the one hand, I’m guessing I will appreciate my free time more; one the other, I won’t get quite as much done artistically. I am a little confused on which I need more: material wealth or spiritual. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages.Overall, I suppose I am looking for a balance between the two. A nice balance.

This second job will cut into my art time. At least for the time being. I am not overly concerned, though. I am confident that, once I work out the kinks, I will be able to find little niches in my schedule. Little pieces of time to dedicate to being creative that will collectively add up. At least that’s the plan.

I also have school junk to concern myself with very soon. For that contingency, I’m thinking of taking art and writing classes to supplement things. Maybe even talk the teachers into allowing me to deviate from my lesson plan to pursue my own projects. That way I can double down on time; work towards a degree and a book at the same time . . . You can tell I’m putting a lot of thought into it.


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