A Proper Post

A proper post. In the morning, not rushed, hopefully substantial.

Saturday I cleaned house. Dishes, laundry, clutter; everything in it’s place. And I did it with a strange gusto, staying with it throughout the day. Sunday, I did everything. Most memorable of that “everything” was setting up a small and functioning framing operation in the living room. Flat surfaces, debris free, and with proper tools. I began framing in the late afternoon. Yesterday, Monday, the framing operation has produced two well framed pictures. There is scraps of paper everywhere. The tools are also generously scattered. Be that as it may, two pictures are framed and nicely. Phew! Only eighteen more to go.

The two pictures framed are for the gallery portion of the show. As a reminder: Reno Visual Art Blast. There’s a mini art fair portion happening on September 8th and 9th. I am sure that’s the main event. Anywho, the two pictures are for the group show happening in the gallery. Bucked and Face Off look very sporting in their new glass, matts, and frames. I am proud and eager to send them into the world. One day I’ll find them good homes. I’ll be sure to take and share pictures during the event.

I intended to have everything done and delivered early yesterday, again Monday, afternoon. I’m an quickly learning I have a knack for grossly underestimating the time it will take to finish any given task. For instance: Taking grandma’s trailer to the dunp and offloading junk, estimated time: three hours; actual time: five. Having both pictures framed and ready to hang, estimated time: two hours for both; actual time: six. I promised myself I would use these new found superpowers only for the good of mankind.

Today, today will be a regular work day. I’ll leave a little early, drop off the paintings, and check the gallery out. No, I haven’t been there yet or seen the place. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity and this seems pretty damned opportune. After that, an honest day of work worth a modicum of pay. Then, home, hang out with a dear friend, and bed.

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