Accuplace This!

Alright, I’m in a hurry so let’s bang this sucker out.

I did got to the college as soon as I woke this morning. I got my CPR recertification junk in and I took that damned Accuplacer. I think one can infer that since I am using the word “damned” to describe the Accuplacer, that it didn’t go well. It went fine. My English scores were very high. I’m good to go there. My math scores: not so much. I’m left to decide, do I want to kill myself studying for the next couple of weeks in order to save myself the $1000 in extra classes or do I wanna say “Eff it” and just grind it out. Frankly, I haven’t decided.

The outside world, friends, and family have been turning the screws to me about the book. When they inquire about my progress and I answer with excuses; I get a whole lot of prodding to get my lilly-livered-buttocks back on task. And I will. I’ll get back on task.

Now I gots to get to work. More later on all this business.

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