Adventure Envy

I just spent a good two hours with a buddy going over his adventures. He’s a wilderness guru who dabbles in photography. In both facets my man does really well for himself. I’m impressed, full of admiration, and there might be a tinge or two of envy in there.

I get that you can’t compare yourself to others. I know it’s not equivocal. But man, those nature outings he does sure sounds nice. If I can hike to a spot, produce some art, then head out productive and happy, I think I’ll be doing really well for myself.

I’m getting the feeling that’s exactly what I need to do. While I love his photography, I’m content with my art. It’s his outings. I’d like more of that in my own life. Which I will commit to soon. Got a few considerations to attend to first.

And that, my friends, is a good way to deal with envy. Recognize the core of what they have that you want and then find a healthy way to translate that want into your own life.

As it stands, my li’l rut needs adjusting. Not by much, though. Work and art are going well. There are times when I wish I had more time but, when I put my mind to it, whatever I’m doing is conducive to where I wanna go. Practice some patience and optimism. Keep an eye out for opportunities to squeeze in those “wants” I was referring to earlier. Find a cushy balance

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