I am stress adverse. I have a low stress threshold. I’m not sure from where this trait derives, I doubt it matters. Of what I am sure, this aversion is not just found throughout my life but is quite prominently. My messiness, my addiction, woman, career, kids, material possessions, all of it. I want to be on my computer most because it is where I’m happiest, where I’m most at peace. It is my most significant source of pleasure. Serenity. Without it, I’m a bundle of nerves and strung out. 

I digress.

Why do I bring all this up? Conflict brings stress. Thus I’m conflict adverse. So what happens, what do I do when I am in conflict with coworkers? I ask this because I am in conflict with a couple of coworkers. My instincts tell me to avoid them like the plague. Do my best to ignore them until they go away. Like a lot of life’s problems. If I ignore them, if I escape into my pleasures or works or just escape, things will eventually turn out all right . . .

This technique seems absurd when I spell it out. It works thought. Time heals all wounds. Trick is passing the time. There is the logic. Succinct and tidy.

It doesn’t work in all situations though. In some cases, it aggravates the situation. Situations that involve interest. Monetary debts come readily to mind. Neglect the debt and $10 balloons into $1000. Resentments are the same. When you hold a resentment or people resent you, ignore those feelings and suddenly there’s a huge deficit. A minor miscommunication balloons into sustained hatred.

Neglect hurts.

. . . In listening to the Adam Carolla podcast, I am revisited by the message: Be more confident. I say revisited because this is something I’ve wrestled with for a long long time. I’m needy. Nor sure how or why, but I am . . . Well, I can think of a few reasons; I’ve done it for years now. I digress. You can find my neediness punctuating a lot in my life. I need to use this junk to remind myself to relax and be confident. Two skills I do possess. I know how to relax really well. I’ve been practicing all my life. I know how to trust myself, Art has taught me how. Let’s apply those skill sets to this instance.

Let’s practice and refine your confidence and relaxed nature. Tone down the needy. Go to Nicole, Viet, Mom, or Peck if you need reassurance. Hell, come here and type to yourself if you need the reassurance. You can do this Steve, you’re just forgetting yourself. Here’s your reminder.

Let’s go eat, champ.

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