All Business with No Business to be Found

I’m focused, working hard, my mind all about getting shit done. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m here in the mofo hospital wasting my efforts for low low pay underneath bosses who plain don’t care. This here moment of agitation is motivation. I want to be doing my own projects because then I might be earning my worth… And some other resentful thoughts that intrude on daily life.

It’s not that bad. Things never are. It turns out perspective is huge. While I do resent the low wages I get at work, the secondary aspects like conflict resolution skills, honestly and earnestness, working as a team. When you work in a team towards a larger goal, it reminds when pettiness is petty. Sometimes it’s someone else throwing the fit, sometimes you, but when you can recognize “petty” and learn to let go, that is a very strong skillset to have in life.

Resentments often enough are petty.

There are plenty of times at work where I’m late or the break is long or something isn’t done perfect and you know what, I’m fine with that. Because here’s the raw deal: my pay and worth to this organization is not based on my intelligence, longevity, merit, or effort. Its all dependant on my formal education. Recognizing all this is also a good skillset.

Armed with this knowledge, I know that for all the minor grievances they may have against me, they are still getting on hell of a bargain for what they pay. All the times I’ve talked down aggressive patients, wrestled patients who were aggressive towards nurses, muscled infermed patients from beds to wheel chairs and back again. Beleive you me, I work hard, I earn my keep. What I’m not compensated for monetarily, I get in karma, kudos, and respect. Consider it all community service.

Yeah, thoughts like those propell me to be more level headed and autonomous. I’m passively aggressively tolerating a job which passive aggressively exploits me. Shrug, that’s the system I live in. How do I make the best of it? Now there’s a strong skillset to master.

6 Comments on “All Business with No Business to be Found

  1. And thus the question many ask. In other words. What is my purpose? Why are we here?

    • Tough question.

      I don’t know, but so far I’ve pieced together to “survive and try to leave a better world than the one I entered into”

      How about you?

      • so I read a quote today by Neale Donald Walsh ” The purpose of life is to know yourself, create yourself, experience yourself as Who You Really Are. There is no other reason to do anything.” I am not sure I buy all of it…but he has a point. We come to this life to learn and better ourselves. To be the best we can be. All other expectations are just that. Expectations. Do you love your neighbor? Are you a kind person? do you care for your fellow man? Do you make a difference in someone else’s life? Your career choice indicates that that might be case….

  2. We all living creatures and planets propel throughout our lives with or without motivation. Nice to follow your blog-post! Be gentle with yourself.

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