Alright Sunlight

This morning finds me running stairs and waiting on others for plans to be formulated. As is the case in a lot of these situations, I find it way easier to be the supportive passenger who maintains flexibility than active decision maker. Going with the flow rather than trying to direct it. Yeah, I like that part. Why? Because its easier for me. It takes less energy on my part to be flexible than to commit to leadership.

When it comes to directing flows, I do enough of that in real life. Besides the bleary-eyed 2 am piss, there is also the more figurative life and career. Both situations require a strained attention. Both net so-so results. Conserve energy for those, they get priority. more on both those adventures in future blog posts.

Where are we now? I’m building a dream. Or routine. Or dream routine. So far, audio books, movies, TV series, and podcasts are on deck for exercise and art routines. Grocery shopping and meal preps are on point both to save money and time. Drawing destinations at nearby lakes, hiking areas and places outside the house are on the docket.

When I stand back there’s a low vibe tingle of pride.

First paintings to get done will be already procrastinated upon gifts. I have lots of people I adore, you know, and it’s well overdue to demonstrate that adoration. Those gifts will afford me practice and getting into the swing of the creative process. I miss that process.

Since I am fortunate to have an abundance of autonomy, I’m not hard stuck in any schedule or obligations. This for the next three to four months. Figuratively speaking, I’m a rich man who still needs to spend wisely. Soon the obligations will come at me gnawing and biting. Free time will dry up faster than a piss puddle in death valley. For the non too distant future obligations, I’d better sock away some good peace of mind.

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  1. what audio books are you liking right now? I listen a lot while I am at work. always looking for good content!

    • The counter life, fiction, introspection, untrustworthy narrator. And rereading/listening to the homesman, gritty anti western.


      • I am on a magical fantasy kick right now. Been listening to the Bone Witch series on Audible recently. I also have a few herbal books I am reading. I finished up 1984 a few weeks ago.

      • right now.. The Poison Path Herbal: Baneful Herbs, Medicinal Nightshades, and Ritual Entheogens
        The Poison Path Herbal: Baneful Herbs, Medicinal Nightshades, and Ritual Entheogens

        Herbs are my jam so I have foraging, medicinal uses etc. over 75 books now probably..haha..
        also looking into permaculture

      • that is some cool stuff! so, like, teas, ointments and so forth?

        I cant tell you how many of the coolest people i know are all into gardening or botany of some sort

      • yes herbalism is my passion. so yes teas, tinctures, salves. We are totally trying to move more towards growing all our own foods. foraging is fascinating too. a lot of common weeds are super nutritious and medicinal.

      • The foraging part sounds extra cool, too. Excuses for invigorating hikes with adventurous discoveries, lol

      • Spent the entire day outside today. Took lots of pictures. Mom and dad bought a ranch up divide creek and we have 600 acres to play on!

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