I’ve been at work a month-and-a-half and I’m still adjusting to the night shift. Getting a good solid rest is elusive. Eventually I’ll get there.

Art will be done today. Mightily! I have two-and-a-half sketchbooks full of imagery and that’s not counting the handful of pictures I’ve pulled for finishing and refining. I have two larger watercolors begun and staring at me the way dogs stare at dinner time. There remain yet another two that will be revisited, soon, soon my pretties. Yep, I have a hearty bounty before me, let’s get that sexy booty out into the world.

How? The internet. I can be in my little studio working hard and, on breaks, social network for a minute-and-a-half before returning to work. It’s easy and facilitates a homebody such as myself very well. There are concerns that the relationships made over the internet aren’t nearly as weighty as those made in real life, then again, I’m under the impression that it’s a start. It’s like going to the gym; you cant go for a session then expect to stare in the mirror at your huge muscles, results come over time.

And that’s how I’ll choose to look at it, it’ll come over time. I’ll social network as a gateway drug for the time being, then proceed to the heavier stuff when the high I get from the internets no longer cuts it.

On the fringes of things worth doing is updating the homepage, there’s been a new release in code that’ll make browsing easier and better for them mobile devices. Poems and poetry need to be writ and refined; all the books I make I should be more than just picture books. Create more online galleries; I already have the artworks why not take advantage of the multiple online galleries to show what I’ve got?

I know I opened with some nudges against night shift. To be more honest and appreciative, I have a very optimistic view of the new schedule. Some time, and I’ll have the sleep schedule hammered down. I am in love with the peace and quiet I get with those midnight/early morning hours while the rest of the world sleeps. I feel productive and hopeful. Overall I’m optimistic about the entire year.



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