Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

As written last week, what time I have to spend has been spent on looking up shows. There’s a lot. A majority of which look promising. Let’s pick and choose the juiciest and see how we do.

The doing part is where we find the costs. The more specific costs, transport to, transport from, insurance, delivering the artist, keeping his sexy butt fed and sheltered. All these wriggly-piggly things are easy to measure. Easy to plan for.

A lot less easy to gauge are the abstracts. How popular is the event? Will our wares sell? How good is the salesman. What will the weather be like? If a butterfly flaps its wings in Asia, how will that affect the show? Abstracts where there’s no way to know. And, in all honesty, over thinking seems to be at work in this category.

Complete honesty, I’m nervous.

Confessions made, we are gathering our modest resources, bellying up to the bar, and placing bets. The risk is scary, yes. With that fear comes a tingly buzz. Uncertainty alongside the thrill of adventure. Mmmm . . . buzzy.

In the bigger picture, aside from being the first step, this show’s importance isn’t so important. Art fairs are being lined up for the fall and winter. The larger events being saved for spring and summer of 2016. Thoughts of conventions do dance in the periphery. Galleries and museums will be propositioned. There’s also this romantic notion of the little guy working his way up. All this is bigger picture. We’re working towards the long game.

Naturally, I will keep y’all informed about when and where the magic will happen. In the meantime, we will continue to art, write, and share. Make ourselves available to opportunities and taking comfort in knowing magic will happen.

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