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Playing Cards

Playing Cards


We’re back from the lovely city of Bend, Oregon. The commute, the city, and the city are all beautiful. A splendid affair, to be sure. The show itself, well, monitarily, not the best. There was some cold weather to contend with. The crowds were smaller than expected. So there was a feeling of: Things coulda been better. Monitarily: not the best; spiritually; the best! The endeavor was worthwhile and rejuvenating. It was great to get away, fantastic to ogle the older buildings along the way, adventurous to visit cleverly named local businesses, soak in the nature with a resonating awe. Ask me to do it again next year and you’ll be answered with a ready smile.

What’s next? A show down in Arizona was slated next. Down in Phoenix the first week of November. Between the Oregon trip not grossing funds, needing a new phone cause I broke the old one, and accidentally effing up my truck which now requires repairs, funds originally dedicated to the show, will be allocated to fixing. I’ll be here closer to home piecing together cheaper things whilest the monetary reserve grows back to normal.

That means more artwork, I suppose. Truth be told, it should be more promotion. We’ll do our best to get both in. Naturally, I’ll post here when something new comes up. That includes information about future shows. I’ll be better about posting information about shows.

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