Back to Routines



Yeah, it’s an older piece. I’ve kinda run out of new pieces to show right now. Gimme a week or so.

OK, advertising situation looks much better from last week. Oregon in October, down in Arizona in November, in southern California in January. Applications sent out for an LA art show in March, book fair in May, Colorado in the summer. I think that promo schedule looks much more fleshed out. More robust. Now it’s onto worrying about money to fund all this and then finding time to show up and rock out.

And there will be rocking out.

In the meantime, its time to settle back into the routine. A boring work schedule but with pleasant coworkers. Tedious schooling but with the assurance of advancement. Days off that are long and uneventful perfect for arts and crafts. Like all routines, it comes with its share of chores and just as many comforts.

The immediate future looks quiet. Get some funds back into coffers, sporadic shows to show up to, contribute to that third book. All cut and dry, really. And maybe even find some adventure in there somewhere. There are times where I ponder setting up a camera just so people can watch me do what I do while I do it. But then there are times where that seems overthought and desperate. It counts as advertising, yes. Convenient, sure. But it also counts against some self perceptions of dignity. What the heck kinda demographic will I be reaching out towards? The voyeurs who want to be bored? Uhg . . . Under the pretense of trying, maybe a few beers will help.

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