Balancing Life

Damned if I have all the answers. Fuck all if I don’t have my problems. But God damned me if things aren’t in a decent way right now. I’m in a good place and I’m content. Found me a purpose, got me a direction, have the basics down. What a precarious place to be.

I must say I’m doing well when it comes to fundamentals. Exercising, eating well, even meditation has found a way into enhancing my well being. Change from night shift to days. Still adjusting but sleep feels good. The fundamentals feel sound. Now to up the challenge. Without murdering myself, of course.

So much so, I’m tempted to start new adventures. Maybe even get me a girlfriend. Work, school, woman, expand hobbies, all time consuming shit! All demanding crisp time management and economy of effort. Am I the man to get it done? Fuck no! Is that gonna stop me? Never has. I know I’m going into it with thoughts of spreading myself too thin. Rest assured the abundance of caution is there. Feels good to report the abundance of optimism is there too.

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