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Watering the Peace Flower

This morning finds me in the doctor’s office. I dont recall if I mentioned my bum shoulder or not. What happened was I tried to catch a patient who passed out. Between the wheelchair, the awkward angle, and suddenness, it yanked my left shoulder something fierce. Lots pain and limited range of motion for five or six weeks now.

Things are optimistic, though. Pain and range.of motion have improved considerably. Yesterday I was gently reintroducing that shoulder to the old work out regiment. Nothing too aggressive. But it felt really really good to get back into things. Feeling good about recovery.

Speaking of optimistic the rest of life is feeling great. I’m back on my game of self care and hard work. This is the me I like to be; honest and hard working. Whenever there is a deviation, it hurts. And I can get hard on myself trying to reset and get everything back on track.

Now that the course is nudged in the right direction. I’m eager to take advantage of the good feelings while they’re here. Lots of neglected chores and desired changes to give love and attention to.

Onto book making business. I have the script for my sidebook done, this will be the easier/light-hearted of the two books. And I’ve been grinding away on the main character design. Shes cute, but not quiet there. The main book has its title set. That’ll be announced soon. Sidebook will be called “Greta’s”… “Greta’s”… something. Ok, that title is still in the works. I’ll check in with friends about titles.

Anywhere, keeping honest and working hard. Just the way I like it.

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