Better Yet

I was at work. Took out a large bin filled with garbage. Not just any garbage, but daily needs garbage. Little food, lots of paper, and a healthy proportion of human waste. And I take out this garbage day in and day out; oblivious. Numb to what has become a daily routine. Tonight was special, though. Tonight, the clouds thinned over a near full moon. The corona around the moon was dazzling. I don’t mean, “She’s got a purdy mouth”; I mean, “I am moved by this moment so strongly. I am both awed and humbled.” Suffice it to say, it was powerful.

Somewhere in there is a beautiful metaphor. I suspect we’ll need to call in a more experienced wordsmith to bend the significance into a meaningful concept. Until then, I’ll leave the skeleton there and hope it means something to someone somewhere somehow.

I am in a better way than when I left you. I have someone to be love drunk over and she returns it. We’re silly and we’re leaning heavily on one another. Things are nice. I want it to last forever.

The pendulum swing seems to be coming back in my favor. I got a loverly little show next week. I am content with work. I aspire to earn more, though. I have the will and motivation to do so. Art is nibbling at the periphery of my motivations. Longer term plans want to formulate in my future. I am pleased to report good things. I am reporting those better things here.

I understand none of this is forever. I also understand the statement is telling in too many ways. Be that as it may, I want and will use this allotment of “happy’ responsibly. To nudge my person and my place in this life a few inches farther. Better yet.

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