I’ve been thinking all day about writing here, all of yesterday too.

I’m actually doing ok. You know all those personal crisis? Turns out they are not quite as substantial as my magnifying mind makes them out to be. If you asked me which of my habits or daily practices I’ve changed to make things better. I have no idea. I genuinely don’t. All I can say is, things are well. I’m even keel, art is being done. I am thankful for the people I have in my life and even more gracious to those who stick with me after my fits.

My time is spent the way we left off; work, video games, art. Not much but, with the occasional pizza or bottle of wine, gets me by.

Among the art done, a nice lady from work had some vintage ski signs she wanted restored. They were all sun bleached to hell and for a modest amount of monies, I polished them up. She is very pleased.

I still am doing book stuff and it’s still in small amounts. My brother and I are now betting one another who will finish first: him with his dissertation (PhD in Philosophy) or me with my childrens book. We both have til fall of 2013 to see. I’m betting his ass is grass because my stuff is already half done.

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