Good morning. I have something in me besides coffee. No, not sunshine and candy drops. I suspect a second cold. The verdict isn’t in. Yet. Just coughing, sneezing, light congestion, and a sore throat. None of it full blown. Yet. I had hoped I paid my yearly “Cold Dues” less than a month ago; that I wasn’t due for a cold for at least a few months. This turns my world upside down. My head is blown. And soon my sinuses will be shot.

Onto business per usual.

The purpose of this blog is a few things. Content for my site, a marketing tool, a diary, a routine. writing practice, so this here tool does me good. I tied it to my facebook and twitter. I stress the sanity it brings me. I reflect on what I did yesterday, what I can get done today, and what is on the agenda for tomorrow. I am kept on track. As I mentioned yesterday, I am nervous about sharing it. Embarrassing myself in front of two’s of people. Then again, taking it so seriously is unnecessary. I need to get myself out there and this is a vehicle that clicks with me. So we’re doing it.

Art is on the way. About a week and a half, two weeks. I’m squeezing the trigger on that camera as soon as I finish this here entry. I’m sitting on some finished works for the next book. I will share those. I need the attention. And I need to give the art more than a dark dank closet to collect dust in. Give it an audience and see what happens. So shortly after the camera is delivered and I can figure out the lighting, I will post a thing or two in a timely fashion. Besides, the challenge or showcasing it in a tasteful and congenial manner is a challenge I’d like to take up.

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