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There are times where I’m not sure if I need the break. When acting out is because I’m human or I’m being a defiant douche. I say this after the cusp of a self indulgent weekend. The kind where you can’t decide if you feel replenished or guilty. The house is a mess, art, writing, and grocery shopping ain’t done. Really, anything that took an iota of discipline got neglected.

Oh well. Moving on.

Hurt my shoulder at work a couple of weeks back. Lots of fears that the injury was permanent, ie rotator cuff issues. Pleased to report that pain has been subsiding and range of motion has been increasing. Subsiquent docs visits has suggested pinched nerve, perhaps even a strain but optimistic about no permanent or lasting damage. Thank God!

Back to here and this art business thing. We’re bulking up on posts. Got a bunch of gifts in the works. I’ve been a little more focused on production rather than quality. Yuck. Need to bump quality control. Expect some portraits soon. Speaking of quality, big big watercolors and the subject matter therein…

I’ll need to schedule a working vacation.

The world is still falling apart. You know, hyperbolically speaking. I’m convinced we need these bad times to recognize then get to the good. Im optimistically writing it all off as societal growing pains.

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  1. Maybe you should reframe your thinking. schedule a weekend where you just do whatever the fuck you want..including what you did this past weekend. Allow it and quit judging the actions/emotions. guilt and shame have no place. (ya I know hard to over I read three books this weekend… and did almost nothing else. (had to vacuum dog hair..couldn’t stand it)… I didn’t work on herbal business stuff, I didn’t do my school work, I didn’t clean the house…. BUT I had a glorious weekend disconnecting with my nose in a novel(s)….

    • Hi Rachael. As always, a pleasure! Your advice is sound. Self care is super important and some of my issues are probably caused by the lack thereof. That said, if I really want to make this stuff fly, I do need to stay on it. Not neurotically so (topic for another time), but close.

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