I’m gonna make it quick so I can get it out of the way. I am hard up for some relaxing.

No post yesterday because I had to jump straight from bed and into a car and onto the highway and into Sacramento and back again so I could work. A four hour road trip, five if you count stops, then a 7 hour day at work (I was late, road construction)  all off of 4 hours sleep. I’m still feeling it today.

Last night was particularly grueling. Not only from fatigue but the realization that the painting I dropped off and the expense I went to to drop it off was so that it can be sold for $150. Possibly $75. I misunderstood the whole concept of the show. For it, I am hurting. I’ll whinge more about it later. For now, I’m gonna try to let it go.

Bed didn’t happen until late last night. Woke up early to return the rental car. I’m wasted. There will be a nap here as soon as the coffee wears off or I pass out, whichever happens first.

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