Blurred Vision


It seems way to easy, especially in this climate, to get overwhelmed by distractions. All these protests and the political fallout. The covid panic is still in full swing, you have people from both sides fighting for what’s best, people nervous about the economy going from recession to full blown depression. Not to mention every person out there trying to make ends meet and struggle through an already cluttered life.

This is me trying to focus past the miasma. The past few weeks have been distracting to everyone, I’m sure. So what can we do in the midst of the chaos? I guess find a little piece that is ours and practice some control on what’s important.

So what’s important to you that you can control?

Me, I guess, is to take personal inventory. I’m trying to create a startup at the shittiest of times. Let’s amend that to: I’m creating a start up. I am feeling stretched too thin trying to do everything myself. Let’s amend that one to: what are the necessities? This is going to take an enormous amount of effort and time. Let’s turn that into: one step at a time, one day at a time. Is any of this endeavor even worth it? Let’s tweak that to: even if the destination is horseshit; that fact that I have myself together and that I am trying supercedes the importance of the destination.

This is doable. It’s all very doable.

Given the world in the worst of times or best of times, these are some pretty reasonable guidelines. Focus on what you can, endure what you can’t, be vigilant on discerning the difference,, and work towards something meaningful.

Ok, I’m in.

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