Bouncy Steps

Hat Club

I’m coming into today feeling up. You could say I got bounce in my step. What do I blame it on? Better sleep, better food, more exercise, way too much coffee? Well, all of those certainly contribute. What I’m really gonna blame it on is the art. Got me a sense of purpose, a source of pride, and a core of self. Yeah, its gotta be the art.

So what’s next now that we can look to the future without wincing? Good question. Soon I’ll be posting more illustrations alongside those portraits and better portraits. There’s some behind the scenes stuff to do yet. You know for fluffing up the site, to aid advertising, and make it easier to post. The shop is distant into the future but it’s on the radar. Shows, too, physical and virtual. Let’s get more work and put more effort into building that audience.

But that’s all future stuff. Dialing our perspective back to the here and now, you ‘ll see consistent posts. Two a week Sundays and Wednesdays for the foreseeable future which is about 2-3 months. Each with a pic. Eventually one A+ illustration a week followed by a portrait or something a little more relaxed. And I plan to commit to that schedule for the remainder of the year.

Books, definitely gonna happen. I have enough material for two. I’ll release images of these as I go. Book one should be ready summer of this year. Book two, about a year from then, you know, just so they don’t step on each others’ toes.

Plans on how to advertise are a little more lofty. I practice due diligence on social media sites by contributing positively to art communities. I’m shopping for shows here on the west coast, summer fall, and winter. I’ve opened up a patreon page. You’ll notice the button on the right. Contribute what ya can. Let’s see how everything else works. Then tweak from there.

Lots of opportunities to chase. Things look bright. Stay tuned Sundays and Wednesdays for more.

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