I wanna be lazy. All those mantras and speeches about hard work, I need them now. Gotta . . . And a browser crash later my blog post for this morning is deleted. Damn it. – Sign, let’s try this again.

I started off bitching about wanting to be lazy. That urge is kinda there, but seeing as how I’m writing this for a second time, doing laundry, posting a painting, prepping for the next, I feel confident I am defying that urge quite well. If you ever wonder why I’m so vocal on the “hard work” and “Good work ethic” topics, it is because I struggle to maintain a good work ethic. I have a laziness in me that I need to defy if I want to get anywhere or accomplish anything. If you ever catch me being lazy, it’s not hypocrisy at it’s finest. It’s me falling short of my credo.

“Bucked” is a painting that has been taunting me for years. I recall when I started it ‘lo those many years ago, I was excited about it. I expected it to surpass “Face Off”, “Waked Parade“, and “Wall” in popularity. It has not met those expectations. Why has it fallen short? I don’t know. My best guess is the execution. The concept had all the right ingredients, I got too ambitious with the project and bit off more than I could chew. The culmination of wonky bits was just too much.

I understand it sounds as if the picture is awful. It is not, it’s quite good and I’m very proud. It is that feeling in me that says it, the painting, deserves better. So I’m gonna take this one personal. In the mean time, I’m putting a period at the end of this rambling sentence. Gonna move on and paint on the next one. If I grind well, the net project will be done soon.

Remind myself not to focus on a single project too long, I fail to “see” things I’d otherwise see.

P.S. The browser crashed three times during the writing of this post. It only took the first one to learn the lesson to save often. That one was painful.

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