Building My Brand


As I try to wake my hairy butt up, I eyeball advertising myself. Establishing my brand. Between you and me, I seriously doubt I will ever get “established”. It’s a lofty goal and one that leaves plenty of room for question begging. You know, “Is it good enough?”  “It” in this case being established.

Chasing the question of “Good enough?”, especially when there is always room for doubt, Can become an infinite loop. A self destructive one. If I’m not careful, I become obsessed and then I forfeit my life chasing that boondoggle.  No. No, I don’t need to do that anymore. I’m gonna live now.

There’s this thing called an Accuplacer. It’s like the SAT’s only far more remedial. A placement test for school to see how educated I am. Or ejumacated I ain’t. In any case, it decides which classes are necessary. I explain all this because I took the practice test yesterday. Evidently. I am more towards the “ejumacated” side of the spectrum. I would do myself a favor by studying before taking the real test. You know, to spare myself the extra classes, time, and money.

People keep asking about the book. My response is pretty consistent; mid to late April. I very much intend to get it out before school. I also intend for it to be the best I can make it. I will do what I’ve been doing: working on it. Consistently. I spend a minimum of one hour each day working on something for the book. When I’m in my stride, it’s between two and three hours. This has all been happening since mid December. With the results being great. I fully intend to maintain the trend. Keep producing. Produce stuff and hope it eventually catches on. Even if it doesn’t, I’ll still have a pile of evidence that suggests I am smarter than the Accuplacer suggests.

P.S. I’m tossing an image in here to help build the gallery and remind people what I do. I’m gonna build that gallery all slow and suggetive like.

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