Called In

I called in today. Eff work.

Despite my firm resistance to being “one of those”; you know, the ones who flake out and whose comrades suffer for it. I succumbed to my hypocrisy. I felt like a car driving on flat tires. Well past the time when the tired burned off the rims and those rims gouged the road with festive sparks. I was too strung out and too thin. Thus, I called in.

I reported dutifully to my other work; my beloved cancer girl. As I reported before and maintain she’s fading. And I say that with as much respect and dignity I can afford her.

After her, I stopped by to visit another one of my former residents. So charming was she to each and every one of the faculty, I often referred to her as our resident grandma. It was nice to see her again.

The visit was brief, though. I had and still have an abundance of video games to play and wine to consume. I only have a few short hours inwhich to accomplish both. Forgive me if I excuse myself here and get to work.

“Work” Ha! Ha!

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