Carefree vs Careless

Went to bed in a bed last night, woke up on a couch. Don’t ask, cause I don’t know. Made the coffee so strong this morning, I’m reporting it for suspected steroid use. Sleepy and achy has me just melting into my chair, not a muscle used. Relax my sweets. If today is anything like yesterday, I will be sad, but I will survive.

Yesterday wasn’t the best. Let me rephrase. Yesterday, I wasn’t at my best. Morning was fine, work was blah, and in the evening I got by. I just had some sour in me that I couldn’t shake. I’m a bit concerned that sour has carried over to today. I’m not positive if it has or not, lemme get through this coffee first.

I will keep this morning simple. Coffee, breakfast, paint. At least until work starts. I’m not interested in worrying or over thinking. It’s the opposite I’m into, relaxing and no thinking. Simple, simplified, carefree.

The one painting I keep yammering about, you know the one that I’m excited over, I’m not sure if it’ll make it Saturday. It just may be postponed a day or two. I can get enough pigment on it soes I can display it. In the end, that’ll be what I do. But I loves to refine the tiny details. I think, or hope, those tiny details are what gives my paintings their oomph. Shame on me if I neglect them. So that’s that; delayed release to ensure the product is quality. It shouldn’t be long. Expect good things.

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