Challenge Accepted

Today, will be a good day. How do I know this? Because I’m gonna force it, that’s why.

I’m not sure why but I slept for only four hours last night. I’m waking up to some dense sleep-deprivation-fog. You know the kind. Where normal thoughts are but milliseconds, these take a solid five seconds to fully form. Normally I would revel in the novelty of the thick thoughts and muted instincts. I say normally but I see cynicism bobbing in the currents. Let’s see what I can do with this.

Can I wave it off or not? That’ll be the test today. I will wave it off and I will force myself through this tiny spit of adversity. I need the challenge. I say this because being an overly sensitive artists leaves me prone to some bad behavior, namely flaking out. It’s a minor trait and probably one only I see. Be that as it may, I still defy it with resolve.

And outside of my head I climb into what else will be accomplished today. You know how I wrote a few days back about being called off? Turns out I wasn’t. I’m scheduled for the day off today, instead. At least, that’s the plan. Presuming the plan keeps, I will be painting shortly after scribbling this down. Drawing after that. Sometime today there will be housework, napping, and fetching of a memory card for the camera (Camera arrived yesterday!). There’s that there to-do list. Now for me to do something about it.


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