Checking In

I ate the worst dinner last night and, because of that, the absolute worst dreams.

I’m up into action late today. On an off sleep for twelve hours has decided today will be lopsided. I just finished some delicious coffee and I’ve come here to gather me thoughts. So what are the plans for today? What’s on the agenda?

I have a commission I want done and out of the way. That’s first. I don’t mind doing commissions so much, well, I kinda do. As Mom will attest, I’m really not good at keeping in touch. Guy thing or my thing, who knows, what I do know is such behavior can test and even poison client relations. On their side, they order a product and, through my failure to start, stop, and talk with them through the process, they have no idea what they’re getting or if they’ll like it. On my side, I’m too used to working at my own pace, starting and stopping to check in is a chore. All that out there, I will make a conscious effort to be more inclusive and outgoing. The benefits of that habit translates well into romantic relationships, too.

Romance? How’d that get in there? Oh yeah, I’ve been feeling repressed lately. Between being cloistered in this studio, working, and having a swing-shift schedule, I’m not meeting a whole lot of people or enjoying new experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I adore how hard I’ve been working. There’s a balance to all things, when I’m at work and looking a second too long at female coworkers, something needs to be done. And it’s not just those feelings, cooped up too long in the studio with lingering thoughts of joining a co-op gallery or getting involved with some art organization solely to meet new people. I’d say I have some basic needs to attend to.

Books are good, the forecast over the next few days looks promising. Layout nudges, page formatting, grammar checks, a lot of small quality control checks to do. I’m up to the tasks. I’m very close to finish. I expect any day now. You know I’ll keep you posted.

Ok, I’m hungry. I’m gonna go do food then get to work. Thanks for being here.

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