Christmas Eve’s Eve

Days like these are my favorite.

The weather outside is frightful; and the fire is so delightful . . . Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. Snow is literally happening. I am content to cite snow symbolically in this instance; snow meaning troubles. I am care free. This type of serenity is intoxicating.  What I chase when the feeling is absent.

Bacon is slowly frying on the stove. Computer is updated and working efficiently. Gift wristwatch is sized for my wrist. House is tidy. Blog is posting. Art will be done and done with an abundance of time. Today is a very fine day and my mood is a very fine one to match.

The picture I am setting up is in the Christmas spirit. A shame it won’t be done until mid to late January. Be that as it may, the concept is one where I expect it to be “a crowd pleaser”; that is to say, a piece that will be counted as one of my finest. I am eager for that.

I’m also happy to report I will start a second I hold in equally high esteem. I intend to work on both simultaneously. Where if I am fried on one, I can maximize efficiency by toiling on the second. This system works well for me.

I have no idea how or if any of my submissions will bear fruit. One can hope. It probably wouldn’t hurt if I submitted a little more aggressively. I’m in no rush to do so. I have some painting to do.

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