Climbing Out of a Funk


I took two weeks off from work. Well, kinda, had a few chores to attend to. So what’d I end up doing with my vacation? Drove over to Colorado to check on mom. While I was at it, use the down time to get some art done. All three, the drive, mom, and art were splendid. Drive was beautiful, mom is feeling better, and I was satisfyingly productive.

Had a few days left when I came home, though. Turned into a stir crazy couch potato for three days. And I mean crazy. Damn this virus shit.

Soon as I got home the familiar self isolation became too much and began to eat at me. Over indulged on booze and games and self hate, and I can tell you with no irony, I’m glad to be back to work. Not isolated, cajoled out of my own head, forced to be up and moving. Thank god, even for shitty underpaying jobs.

This job being the blessing that it is and isn’t. Financially speaking, it won’t be enough. It takes care of the basics but were I to grow a family or a business. It just wont do. Spent some time on the look out for other gigs, then I get real tempted about trying anew somewhere else. Let’s face it, I’m gonna stay with this one. While it ain’t much, it’s secure. Until this virus stuff settles and a few personal affairs sort themselves out, my current vocation is the smartest bet.

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