Coffee Supply Replenished

Hi. First: thank you for enduring yesterday’s post. It was dark and self indulgent and I felt plenty bad about it. I can toss a whole mess of speculation and excuses as to why, but let’s spare us both that nauseating exercise and move on.

I’ve been staying up late which harms my morning productivity. I don’t intend to harm myself over this. Just tweak my behavior soes I can be more efficient. Guess what, though? That’s gonna be later. When I am a smidge less exhausted. Not procrastination, well, kinda. I’m gonna keep on this here blog daily along with the tweets. They start the day healthy. Then whichever activity I can find in the two-three hours before work. Usually something that eases the most guilt.

First cup of coffee consumed. One refill later.

I can’t ramble on forever, can I? I need to put out. So included with this post is a picture. You my or may not have seen it before as “A Work in Progress” it’s close enough to finished that I’ll call it a finished product. Some refinement might happen later when I have an OCD flareup. Until then, I’ll just toss this into the arena . . . You know, once I figure how to post an image in wordpress. . .

There, now I can go about my day with a clear mind.

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