I promised myself no moaning and groaning this morning. I am resentful enough when I do it, as is. So let’s start with breakfast: pizza and coffee. Pizza and coffee punctuated with the occasional peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Kids, this is what you can do when you become an adult. I have this experiment carefully planned out, I’m curious to see how it goes.

Ran out of coffee a couple days back. All I have in the cupboard is decaf. Review my recent posts to see how that went.

Painting is happening soon. The same one. I’ve gone from “Rush! Rush!” to “Sorry, baby. I didn’t mean it.” I need to scrub away some of the bruises I inflicted and replace them with tender kisses. At this point: it’ll be done when it’s done. I’m over trying to guess and reach a deadline. Being embarrassed once is enough. I’ve learned my lesson.

Show is on my mind. getting everything together on time will not be a hassle. So long as I keep at it and keep at it now. I fully intend to keep at it. I am giving myself a modest budget and remain undecided on how to spend it with the best efficiency. We’ll see. Probably just stick to books and prints. Books give me dink of profits, but it’s a full portfolio of mine going out into the world. Prints give me a reasonable return, I’m inclined to think that combination will be best. No coffee mugs no greeting cards. I have a few more days left. Still need to think up walls vs easels too. One or the other or both, whichever is cheapest.

My pizza is beeping, wish me luck.

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  1. you know…you can buy coffee online so it is delivered to your door and you don’t have to run out. That is a crime. 🙂 It happens to the best of us sometimes though.

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