Went grocery shopping after work last night. The first time in about six weeks. In that time, I have lost tons of money carelessly eating out or ordering pizzas. Tons of money. I need to start saving money. If I’m going to start doing shows again I’ll need that money for getting prints, books, and mugs to sell. On top of all that, framing everything will be necessary; frames, mats, glass, hangers. Oh, not to mention submission fees, booth rentals, and insuring the art. I’ve forgotten how expensive all this stuff can be. Still, gonna make more money this way than if I stay where I’m at in my Penny-Annie job. Any money made will be reinvested in getting more stuff and better shows. The circle of life. Or business life.

You can tell through my thinking aloud that I’m getting serious about this. As evidence I submit to you the fact that I was up well past bedtime last night trying to fix up a submission for for a tiny art show. Never mind the submission deadline closed on the 15th or that I’m a mere four days late in asking. I doubt much will happen, but there’s some hope there. Even if I don’t get it there’s showing opportunities in their gallery this fall. All that and I haven’t begun to scour opportunities earnestly. It will take me some time to get that engine going. Just like my website, blog, and art; there’s some rust to bang off, some parts to oil. Just takes time and dedication.

I hate to say I’m getting excited, but I am. I have to stay myself lest I get ahead of things. I haven’t done any of this in a long long time. Since 2009. I am surprised how much of the particulars I remember. The last thing I recall about all this business before my time off was how sad I was. Right now, I suspect it had to do with more with life than the business aspect of art. A heartbreak, a job I loathed, and . . . Long story short, I was sad and needed time to collect myself. So time’s passed and here I am collected.


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