Comfort Predicament

I’ve counted thirteen minutes of siting here staring at this empty box waiting for a blog to happen. It’s my fault, really. Trying this before coffee never works. The coffee is made, being slumped in this chair has been terribly cozy. No excuses, my comfort is my predicament.

Speaking of, today will be dedicated to comfort first. There will be large amounts of pizza and beer consumed today. Napping will happen. I’ve got some stress in me and I need to dissipate it fast. This is the most efficient way I know how.

Art will still happen, cleaning the house and a couple other chores will wait until later tonight, if not tomorrow. Oh, no. I totally forgot that I need to get the store up an running. It’s a few hours worth of work and . . . No, that’ll wait. It just will. No procrastination, just making the call. It falls low on the priority list right now. Between research, coding, and implementation it will take more than a few hours. I don’t have the audience to justify making it a priority. Store waits.

Alright, alright, let’s get along with the day. You’ll hear more tomorrow.

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