Be consistent!

You’ll find one of the rules for growing and keeping an audience¬† will be consistency. I wonder about my consistency. I like to be on and off again. to go into projects with an intensity that is short lived, then spend the rest of my time recharging. Rinse repeat. I do that with a ton of my projects. Updating the website, writing here in the blog, painting, drawing, poetry, video games; all of it. You’ll find me trying to diversify my portfolio nowadays. A little here, a little there. and just keep doing those little bits on a daily basis. Let time and consistency do the rest.

Onto smaller things. I need to wrestle some of my old subject matter from a hard drive that has been out of commission for almost a year. So there’s that. I’ll also need to get on top of making new subject matter. For that I’ll need a camera, a $300 camera. Why $300? Because I’m techie and I love to get things with tech in them, for those not in the know, tech costs money. So my techie camera would cost expensive. I’d use it to take pictures of my paintings as well. A tad gun shy about all that cause I need to get new fancy frames for those pictures. A new car. I need to get something that drives me to work and prolly art shows. Yeah, lots more money involved than I have. Maybe even afford.

That rambling paragraph said. That’s what’s on my mind for now. Whirring and scurrying thoughts. Like mechanical mice in the walls. Yeah, those last two sentences felt artsy. Good for me!



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