Continuing to Continue

Alright, I’ve come to wring my hands and ponder. This morning’s “responsible artist” efforts have me browsing galleries and art organizations here in Reno, Sacramento, and San Fransisco. Not only that but browsing online options. I feel as though I’m a scheming on what I can do to turn a buck or get a show. And, much like a villain from any children’s cartoon, I’m foiled and will be back again. Ominous, in a silly way.

This particular blog post is brought to you by confusion and uncertainty. There’s a ton of options out there to get more attention for myself. I’m a guy who doesn’t go out of his way for attention. This whole thing feels as though it goes against my nature. So, that’s the challenge. There ain’t no way ’round it. I can’t go on in obscurity forever. Screw that it’s unfair to me; it jilts my efforts. Art isn’t art until it’s shared. The product I have is plenty good, I have utmost confidence in the art. The art needs the love.

Thus the hand wringing continues, and will continue to continue. The plan right now is to keep showing up and thinking about it and making art and writing stuff and hoping something develops naturally. Organically.


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