Cookie Breakfast

Cookies with coffee for breakfast. I don’t recommend it. The logic went: doughnuts. Cookies or doughnuts, I think I’m losing both ways. Both being the fast forward button to obesity and diabetes.

There’s not a whole lot to write about this morning. The most responsible thing I did yesterday was work. Before and after that, I just dallied. If I’m not careful, this morning will be the same way. I have plenty to do, the will to do so is not so plentiful.

My conscious is at ease, though. I understand when it comes closer to the show, I’ll be more frantic. Even though I won’t need to be. Getting everything framed will happen this weekend. I’ll also be procuring some display walls for the little art thing. I intend to be testing those out, maybe even modifying them, well before the show. I’m feeling comfortable with where I am at in all of this. I expect my presence and showing abilities will do us all proud. Remind me to take pictures. I will be taking pictures.

Alright, those cookies are giving my innards turmoil. I better make haste.

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