Couple Weeks to Go



There are pictures where I’m not at all sure what the heck story is. This is one of those. It’s all done by feel. Improvisation that usually helps subsequent pictures in telling a narrative.

Alright, here we go again.

Sold a car yesterday. Got a good price. Feel good, feel proud, relieved to have that tick off the list. Now, onto the next.

The show is a few short weeks away. I’ve been a framing man the past few days. Glass and razor handling has left my hands with myriad ready-to-bleed cuts. Irritating as all heck, but once them pictures are dolled up, it’s all worth while. Like taking your pets and dressing them in a tuxedo. They all look very fancy and ready to party. Feelings of pride bubble up again.

The show being as close as it is does give me the jitters. I’ve done these plenty before. I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Still, this’ll be the biggest I’ve done. And it’s been a while. Doubting thoughts fluttering about, the anxiety does keep one motivated. Get everything done and done right. I’ve even gone so far as to build a mock show in the back yard, you know, to know where to hang which painting and how to make each book look desirable . . . God, writing that I realize I may be overthinking the whole thing . . . Eff it. Let’s make the show look as sexy as possible, dress rehearsal and all.

I shop for shows after this one because this one will neither make or break me. And each time I do, I think longingly to the road trips and the scenery. The art parties are great and the extra money is certainly welcome, but what my heart looks forward to is the travel. Finally, I have an excuse to get away¬† and go anywhere I wanna. It’s about time . . . I wonder what the hold up was.

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