Crunchy Crunchy Numbers

Cat Pics

Cat Pics

This week has been all about budgeting. How much money do I actually have versus the cost of sky high aspirations. Turns out there’s a gap between the two. The next few days maybe the next few weeks will be dedicated to pouring those figures into a bowl, submerging them under creative juices, and, after a light sprinkling of sugary logic, enjoying ever loving spoonfuls of those crunchy crunchy numbers.

It’s been decided that if I’m going to travel as much as planned, it would be wise to invest in a truck. When I’m not budgeting my brains out, I’m researching the ever loving heck out of brands, techs, and specs. Good news is: I’m confident inĀ  what I’m getting. There’s also the added excitement of buying a new car, which I noticeably downplay. That said, when the purchase is finally made and after making sure none are watching, there just might be a high pitched yelp accompanied with celebratory dances.

Looming are a couple of shows in the not too distant future. San Fransisco, and very shortly after, a modest showcase in Oregon. I’m taking inventory of what I have to offer and there’s plenty there. All of which will be priced to move, prices will be low. These older paintings need get out of my basement and out into the real world. Even so, much more painting and framing will happen.

All this administrative junk being waded through, either tomorrow or the next day will be taken off. I’m gonna go out with a couple people enjoy their company and when I finally make my way back to the studio, good music will be put on, an enjoyable beverage had, and the schematics for The Strangest Thing lovingly delved into. Drawing, painting, and writing reminding me why the heck I’m doing any of this.

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