Day Made

Good Morning Wednesday. My head in throbbing. I am out of coffee and, with a coffee habit like mine, running out of coffee is a dangerous thing. Now, common sense would have a feller make a run to the store and buy and brew some more. Heck, forget the store, go around the corner and buy a cup of McD’s brew. Nope. No, I’m gonna endure the disorientation and the headache. The instinct to stay in, to find solace in the safety of home runs deeper than the want to cure a caffeine withdrawal.

Onto other things. I’m still not positive what I’m doing with the day. The ability to focus is lacking. Even so, the nebulous plan is slowly fermenting. Gonna put out a new picture, maintain my garden of art websites. I wanna get that bugger outta the way.

Next up are thoughts of web design. I’m still with the idea of combining my natural site with my blog site. A little effort will be dedicated towards that effort. Admittedly, I’m with some reluctance, for practical reasons. Combining the two might require more work than leaving them be. Even so, I feel it’s too early to make that call. Let’s give it an honest go, first.

So we have those two dedications out there. Let’s just keep things simple and close out the day with artwork. It’s been a while since I’ve really invested in some art love and when I do I always get a giddy joy.

There we go, day made.

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