Day Off

OK, I’ve been itching to write something here since last night. Profound topics dancing in my mind. When I finally find the resolve, sit down, and bring up the page I go blank.

I slept like a demon. Which is to say: I slept a lot. I was overdue. And what is it a person does when they are well slept? If that person were me, they’d fritter the day away on video games. I have an overabundance of chores to do. Everything from laundry and dishes to Painting and making a book.I’m not doing a one. My guilty conscious seems to be sleeping, maybe even on holiday; I will use this time wisely to meditate on what it is to relax and enjoy myself.

I fully expect to be back to things soon. Work is but a short day away. So I suppose earning the money is where I should allocate my efforts. I’ve been meaning to drink less and eat better. Got a little chub I’d like to lose. The drinking I’ve been stellar on, not a drop. The eating, Jesus, I think I did fast food four or five times this last week. Those kind of saturated fats really stay with a man, you know what I mean. My love handles are becoming too much to handle. Aundre-the-Giant would have issues getting a grip.

Art wise. I’m just gonna worry about the show in December. The Power of the Purse thing. Like I’ve said numerous times, it’s a small affair. I’m not expecting a whole lot from it, but I am expecting it to be worth my while. Through the course of this month and next I’ll be saving up money and purchasing wares for sale. My own little plucky version of a businessman.

After that, you know, usual stuff. Find more shows, get some book stuff done . . . I’d better stop here lest I rouse the beast. You know, the guilty conscience I am trying to avoid.


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