This work week has had me a little thin. Lots of work in just a few days makes anyone need a day off. Tomorrow will be dedicated to the finest in stress relief techniques. Once relaxed, the days after will be about a few things getting done.

In the vein of the title, let us make a few declarations. Firstly, the book situation. This topic has caused me much discontent, I’ve ruminated over it quite a bit. In doing so, I’ve come to a revelation: The book is done. It has been for a month now. Sure, there are wriggly-piggly things that might need attention, but nothing so important as to delay release.

That declared, there isn’t going to be a release, at least, not soon. The biggest reason: I need the audience first. The accomplishment of finishing Odding only to release it to no one noticing or caring was painful enough. I intend to give More Different a better birth. In the mean time, I will continue putting myself out there and creating that group of people who care.

Which brings us to audience building. This aspect of things is going well, I have been diligent and consistent. The numbers in all categories, across the board, have been positive. That positivity is reinforcement enough to keep going. I will keep doing what I’ve been doing and even try a few more things.

In an effort to make the process more efficient, at least for me, I will attempt to combine my blog page with my art page. It’d be great to remove myself from web design in order to focus on core projects. Posting images or writings on Facebook or Twitter is far easier than with my current Webpage setup. Writing all the code and the effort of the illusion is a chore. Not to mention the ickiness of things like my storefront which embarrasses more than it sells. Long story shortened, the next few days will have me attempting to redo them sites in an effort towards sexy.

On the horizon is school. Full time work with schooling will make for very little free time. I am uncertain how often blogging or art creation will happen. There is some sadness in returning. To be honest, this groove I am in is fantastic. It pains me to change things, but if I want to maintain and enhance my self reliance, school’s the tool.

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