So, went to the dentist this morning. Found out things don’t look so good in there. It’s a mess. Lots of money to fix, money I don’t have. Sad Steve is sad. It’s times like these that the weight of poverty feels particularly heavy.

The unexpected benefit of it is: I get to rise to the occasion. And I fully expect to do just that. Please don’t ask me where this inspired confidence and motivation is coming from. I rightly don’t know. Even so, I will endeavor to keep my teef pearly and white in spite of all the coffee I drink and the wine I may or may not drink in the future.

My teeth and bank account are now all clean.

I have a book to write. It’s just been a little bit the past few days but daily and consistently. Poetry and me, we do our best to get along but boy-howdy do we have our differences. I have a new found respect for her. I am hoping if I keep at it, she’ll warm up to me. We’ll see in time, won’t we?

The illustrations part is easiest for me; it is my specialty, after all. Two more color pics and about a half dozed black and whites. Not at all much. It’s just a matter of actually addressing them without life getting in there. You know, distracting me with things like poverty, emergencies, unexpected pregnancies . . . OK, now I’m scared.



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